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Wood Rectangle Scalloped Tray Set - 3 Sets
Wood Rectangle Scalloped Tray Set - 3 Sets

Wood Rectangle Scalloped Tray Set - 3 Sets

Part Number:92601-6000307 Price: $76.55
Wood Rectangular Scalloped Tray Set w/Handles make the perfect accessory for any occasion. Decorate to suit your needs for weddings, birthdays, or baby showers. Our wooden trays make a great base for gift baskets or advertising freshly made cookies, muffins and other incredible edibles such as bulk wrapped candy on buffets and so much more. If you're looking to add a little rustic appeal just leave it as is or paint it to add some color and match your theme. The scalloped trays add a delightful touch to your decor and are made from unfinished pine wood with tapered edges for stacking and easy storage. Handles have been carved into the sides to make handling these trays much easier and you can move about your store filled with bulk wrapped candy or personal hygiene materials in your bathrooms. Incorporate a little charm to your next event or store display by adding our multipurpose display trays. Order your wooden tray sets today at All Candy Containers while shopping online now.

  • 3 Sets of 3 = Total of 9 Trays
  • Widest/highest points trays measure:
    • 3 Count - 11" x 7 1/2" x 1 3/4"
    • 3 Count - 12" x 8 3/4" x 1 3/4"
    • 3 Count - 13" x 10" x 1 3/4"
  • Made from natural unfinished pine wood.
  • Trays have slot handles easy to handle and carry.
  • They are tapered with scalloped edges.
  • When not in use, trays stack for easy shipping and storage.

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