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Straight Top Acrylic Container With Lid - 16x10
Straight Top Acrylic Container With Lid - 16x10

Straight Top Acrylic Container With Lid - 16x10

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Change up the way you spend your time decorating and storing foods with these Straight Top Acrylic Containers with lids! Each container features a round design with a clear acrylic finish and comes with a lid to hold your product in securely and makes them stackable. The overall size of our candy container is 16-inches tall with a diameter of 10-inches. Perfect storage piece for bulk foods like colorful candy, whole beans like coffee and pinto's or various oats and grains using for storing tea bags, hair accessories, flour and sugar or more. The straight top flat design allows you to go vertical when advertising merchandise. Stack them on your service counters, shelf displays and other flat surfaced fixtures you have in your store. Invest in the future of your store and save money by including sturdy and dependable storage containers. Purchase multiple containers and design your own candy buffet for your next special occasion or cookout with the family. Increase impulse buying by adding delectable sweet treats to your checkouts in these food friendly containers. Ordering your clear acrylic candy vessel is easy, just click to add to your cart then proceed to checkout or continue shopping with us here at All Candy Containers.

Please Allow 3 - 6 Weeks Lead Time 
This is a Custom Product and Non-returnable

  • 1 Count Acrylic Container
  • Overall Size: 16" H x 10" D
  • Includes Lid
  • Constructed Of Clear Acrylic Material
  • Straight Flat Top Design
  • The Perfect Thing for Bulk Foods and Grains
  • Fill & Stack On Shelves

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