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Storage Jars are an enticing way to display edible items such as cookies and candy plus other bulk products that need to remain fresh like bulk coffee beans, pinto beans and more. No matter what wholesale storage container you use, whether it is made from acrylic, plastic, or glass; they all add professional appeal to your sweet shop, buffet tables and then some. Give your display a unique look all its own when you choose from a wide range of wholesale candy jars ranging in sizes and shapes. Select from round acrylic canisters, plastic hexagon shaped jars with lids and glass canister sets.

Acrylic containers are attractive like glass but have better durability and scratch resistant. Some of our acrylic jars come in a variety of sizes like our 40, 80, and 128 ounce with the clear knob lids. Our straight top jars are made with acrylic, they come in six different sizes. You are sure to find the perfect size for your storage needs. Plastic storage containers like our hexagon shaped bins and stackables provide convenience. They are lightweight and ideal when little ones are shopping. Check our our various sizes and shapes along with the scoop bins and portable containers. Glass containers can be used anytime and anywhere, however, they are heavier and can be broken. Glass storage jars are perfect for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, or graduations. Come and look at the many variations of our mini montana jars with lids that come in metal black, red, and aluminum. Sizes of these glass jars range from the smallest of 48 ounces to largest being 2.5 gallons. Glass Barrel Jars with aluminum lids come in 1 and 2.5 gallons with a wooden handle. Penny candy glass jars come in half gallon, one gallon and two gallons.

With this wide variety of stowaway bins, displaying products couldn't be easier. Canisters with lids can be used to store or display those items that need to be kept visible but out of the way. Wholesale cookie jars are wonderful ways to showcase freshly baked items for your customers or in your home for the kids and grand-kids to sneak those delectable treats. Options are endless with the wide range of sizes and styles of wholesale canisters. No matter the style you choose customers will want to stop and look. From small glass jars to scoop bins you can display all the favorites and guarantee freshness. Go ahead and order your storage jars and get ready for your customers to come piling in for cookie jar wholesalers.

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