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Steel Oval Tub - 1 Gallon - 3ct

Part Number:91208-1GGWT Price: $47.97
Shiny Steel Oval Tub - 1 Gallon capacity is the perfect container for creating a western themed smorgasbord or event. Display your homemade favorite side dishes in these one-gallon tubs and add a unique appeal to your gathering. Add to an outdoor wedding reception or bbq. Easy carry handles makes moving your tub a breeze.
Place one tub at each table and make a charming ice bubet by filling with sodas and ice or fill with flowers and make a centerpiece that is all your own. Your guest will love it! These tubs can be used for a variety of household and retail displays or use them for a pretty storage bin. Fill them with smaller novelty items or make a candy display with all of yours and your customers favorite nostalgic candies from the past. Put your imagination to work. Come on and have a stomping good time and buy your metal display fixtures today at All Candy Containers! Also try our Steel Bushel Tub.

Available in:
  • Spangled Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish
  • Smooth Metal Galvanized Finish
  • 3 Count
  • Galvanized Dimensions: 
    • 5 1/4"High
    • 7 1/8" Top Width
    • 11 1/8" Top Length
    • 6" Bottom Width
    • 9" Bottom Length
  • Hot Dipped Dimensions:
    • 5 1/2" High
    • 8 3/4" Top Width
    • 11 1/4" Bottom Width
    • 9 3/4" Bottom Length
  • Electrogalvanizing Creates the Smooth Shiny Finish Appeal For Interior Decoration and Organization
  • Galvanized Steel Trough Tub With Protective Zinc Coating
  • Sturdy Design Features A Wire Reinforced Top Rim
  • Offset Ridged Bottom For Minimal Wear to The Tub Under-Body
  • Body Swedges (Indentions) For Added Strength
  • Quality Made For Daily Use
  • One Gallon Trough Holds About 5 standard Beverages (12.7 ounces)
  • Made in the USA
  • Available With or Without Manufactures Label
  • Versatile Usage Options
  • Adds a Simple yet Stylish Appeal

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