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Square Acrylic Display Bin - 8 Inch

Part Number:92913-4547 Price: $40.20
Clear Plastic Slatwall Bins are great for displaying a wide range of merchandise ranging from small trinkets, ink pens, to candy, and stuffed animals. The shape of our clear candy bin makes the products inside easily accessible to your shoppers. Customers can sift through the materials to make their choice with ease. These retail storage vessels are a great addition to an type of retail store, hardware facility or candy shop. Each clear container measures 6-inches wide by 5-inches high with a depth of approximately 11 1/2-inches. Slat wall displays, when placed in high traffic areas of your store are sure to increase impulse sales, as customers will stop to have a look. Each bin will hold up to five pounds of product. Constructed from the ever so durable hybrid styrene material, our exhibiting bins are built to last for a very long time, saving money for your company on replacement cost in the long run. So invest in your future and purchase display bins that will definitely pay for themselves in the very near and immediate future. Order your clear plastic container for storage and displaying today.

  • Overall Dimensions: 6" W x 5" H x 11 1/2"D
  • Crystal Clear Bins Are Constructed Of Durable Hybrid Styrene For Greater Strength
  • Maximize Space
  • Bins Stack Tightly On Slatwall, Pegboard or Grid Panels
  • Holds Up To 5 Pounds Of Product
  • Optional Pegboard Adapter or Grid Adapter Available
  • Easy To Load
  • An Attention Getter
  • Versatility Display Options
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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