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Square Acrylic Display Bin - 12"

Part Number:92913-4543 Price: $71.78
Acrylic Slatwall Bin is a great multipurpose container and ideal for promoting various types of materials. Offer your customers easy access to products with the angled shape of our retail container. The crystal-clear bins are constructed of the durable hybrid styrene plastic material for greater strength and less worry about breakage plus it will cut down on replacement costs. The candy vessel can hold up to five pounds of products depending on the density of the materials. Each slat wall bin measures 12-inches wide by 5-inches high with a depth of 9 1/2-inches. Maximize display space and add one of the optional adapters and have your display container sitting snugly on your existing display fixtures such as a pegboard display or a grid wall panel. With the angled shaped bin, easily fill the bins with eye catching materials such as an array of wrapped candies, small cosmetics like chapped sticks and personal sized hand lotions or novelty items for increasing impulse purchases. It's easy to order from us here at All Candy Containers, simply click "add to cart" then proceed to checkout. Take a chance on increasing your profits by adding modern appealing containers. The choice is yours, purchase now!

  • Overall Dimensions: 12"W x 5" H x 9 1/2" D
  • Constructed Of Durable Hybrid Styrene Plastic Materials
  • Holds Up To 5 Pounds Of Product
  • Maximize Space; Bins Stack Tightly On Existing Slat Walls, Pegboards or Grid Panels
  • Optional Pegboard and Grid Adapter Available
  • Crystal Clear Eye Appealing Display
  • Strong and Durable Bins
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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