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Small Stained Buckets - 3ct
Small Stained Buckets - 3ct

Small Stained Buckets - 3ct

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These 3 Small Stained Buckets are ideal for any retail space. Stained with an oil based golden oak finish, present colorful treats and the most popular items in these wooden buckets and hang just below eye level. Customers are sure to take notice and move in for a closer peek. Place on your counter tops for impulse items or line your shelves with several filled with an assortment of candy. Crafted with special fasteners between the staves allows for expanding and contracting without any loss of strength or sturdiness. Place around your flower shop filled with your latest floral arrangements. Use these sturdy and stunning buckets at home for organization bins or decorative planter on your patio. Take a chance on increasing impulse buying in your store. Order your custom made wooden stained buckets today at all Candy Containers.

Please Allow 1 To 2 Week Lead Time

  • 3 Count Stained Buckets
  • Overall Dimensions: 8 1/2" D x 7" H
  • Stained With An Oil-Based Golden Oak Stain
  • A Small, Wooden, Flat-Staved Bucket
  • Fashioned After The Colonial Era Water Buckets
  • Special Fasteners Between The Staves Allow This Bucket To Expand And Contract And Remain Sturdy
  • Product Custom Made By Amish
  • Great For Impulse Displays
  • Ideal POP Display Bin For Wrapped Candy

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