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Small Hinged-Top Gravity Dispenser
Small Hinged-Top Gravity Dispenser

Small Hinged-Top Gravity Dispenser

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The Small Hinged-Top Gravity Bulk Dispenser is a mighty tool to have in your arsenal of retail fixtures. Kick your business into high gear with this acrylic food bin. Use for candy, cereal, toppings, and other edible items. Our clear gravity dispenser to disperse the first-in products for first-out dispensing. Each small retail container measures 5-inches wide by 10-inches deep with a height of over 15-inches. This candy display container is designed with two hinged lids. The top lid makes it easy to restock your incredible edible products while the bottom lid is for vending and offering customers easy access to the materials inside. Lift your sales by placing these candy bins on your counters, display shelves or other flat surfaced areas you wish to fill and increase profits. Filled with brightly colored candies, these bulk dispensers will lure customers in for a peek at all of their favorite treats whether a candy store or ice cream shop. Functional top and bottom lids allow for dispensing and refilling in a sanitary and convenient way. This gravity bin lets shoppers see that your products are kept safe and fresh. Order your versatile acrylic dispenser today to increase your profits down the road.

Please Allow 3 - 6 Weeks Lead Time 
This is a Custom Product and Non-returnable
    • 1 Count Dispenser
    • Overall Dimensions: 15 1/4"H x 5"W x 10"D
    • Made From Clear Acrylic Materials
    • Hinged Top Lid For Refilling
    • Hinged Lower Lid For Dispensing and Vending
    • Lift Your Sales In Style
    • Sanitary And Convenient
    • Easy Refills & Dispensing

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