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Small Bulk Candy Bin / Bakery Bin

Part Number:91703-BB302 Price: $96.39
Retail Price:$118.10
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 99
The Small Bulk Candy Bin/Bakery Bin will help you to realize incredible profits even in small spaces. This clear food bin works well for wrapped candies, bakery products, and other delectable food items when filled and removed of products on a daily basis. This wholesale container is the perfect size to keep all of your small food items organized. Each bin measures 8-inches wide by 9-inches high with a depth of 11-inches. This container features a lift and slide lid system making it not airtight. Create a candy buffet for your next party or meeting. This container offers full view of the materials inside. At business meetings, you can host fresh baked bagels and muffins in the mornings and in the afternoons refill with healthy snacks for that afternoon blah time such as granola bars and other materials to give your attendees a little boost. Just imagine the colorful displays you can create. The sloped front door makes stocking and self service easy, great to place on counters and let your customers enjoy. What are you waiting for? Order today with a single click on "add to cart" with us here at All Candy Containers.

  • 1 Count Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 8"W x 9"H x 11"D
  • Sloped Front Makes Stocking & Serving Easy
  • These Bins Use A Lift & Slide Lid System And Are NOT Airtight!
  • Great On A Breakfast Buffet Or In A Candy Shop
  • Realize Incredible Profits In Small Spaces
  • Easy Self-Service

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