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Slat Box Pegboard Adapter - 10ct
Slat Box Pegboard Adapter - 10ct

Slat Box Pegboard Adapter - 10ct

Part Number:92907-01-PEG-01 Price: $30.71
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The Slat Box Pegboard Adapters are the ideal accessory to have if you are looking to add durable plastic bins like the crafty crateboxes, the handy hobibox bins, the durable popboxes, colorful shelfboxes and the durable storbox containers onto your existing pegboard fixtures. The metal hanging accessory measures 5 7/8-inches wide by 1 1/8-inches tall and is easy to use, just slide the adapter onto your pegboard display fixture then add your choice of storage bin into the open slit on the pronged metal adapter. You get your choice of finish on your accessory adapter, select from black, chrome or white. Choose which hue best fits your store's existing decor and displays. Purchasing your pegboard adapters is as easy as pie and offer clients a sturdy and dependable fixture. Simply click add to cart while shopping online now to purchase your ten-count today! We also have grid panel and slat wall adapters as well.

  • Easiest Way To Add Bins To Pegboard Fixture
  • Comes With Three Finish Options
  • 10 Count Peg Board Adapters
  • Overall Dimensions: 5-7/8" W x 1-1/8" H
  • Color Choices Consisting Of Black, White, or Chrome
  • Use With Cratebox, Hobibox, Popbox, Shelfbox, Storbox On Pegboards
  • Slip Adapter Into Pegboard, Then Add Your Choice Of Storage Bin

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