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Silver Plastic Scoops - 3oz - 12ct
Silver Plastic Scoops - 3oz - 12ct

Silver Plastic Scoops - 3oz - 12ct

Part Number:91000-16130003 Price: $34.65
Silver Plastic Scoops present you with numerous opportunities. Bulk food scoops are a very important item for anyone who has a candy shop or bulk goods locations, offering both edible and non-edible items to customers. There are such a large amount of items from coffee beans, nuts, an assortment of flours, sugar, dried fruit, and candies, that scoop up with ease for shoppers as well as animal foods, nuts and bolts and the like in hardware stores. There is just such a large array of merchandise that can be easily self-distributed with scoops which means they are always a major asset to your business location. Caterers, restaurants, cafeterias and the like can ladle up ice for drinks with the silver plastic scoop. Bakeries go through such a large amount of flour, sugar, and all the other ingredients needed for their delicious creations. Scooping out the considerable amounts for baking wedding cakes, birthday cupcakes, and all the other mouthwatering goodies. Featuring a sturdy design, these 12 count packs are sure to keep not only you but your customers happy and satisfied. Decorate the handle and place alongside candy bins for your candy buffets for a stylish touch which will also be very efficient. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!


  • 3-Ounce Scoops
  • 6.25" Overall Length
  • 2" Wide x 1.5" High
  • 12 Count
  • Silver Colored Candy Scoops
  • Sturdy Plastic Design

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