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Wholesale Scoops are not just great for candy, they can be used for other products as well. Perfect for everything such as pet food, grains, and even an ice cream scoop. Smaller scoops and tongs are a great addition to candy buffets allowing easier distribution. From clear scoops to wood, there are plenty of scoops to choose from to suit your needs. Candy scoops as well as tongs make dispensing candy and food  products safe and sanitary.

A good commercial scoop can be one of the most important pieces of store equipment you can have. Candy scoops come in a variety of sizes to measure various portions quickly, that leave you in control of the amount. Wholesale scoops are available in an array of colors from basic white to gold to match your decor. We also feature aluminum scoops and a stylish tongs. Whether your searching for business or home we have a size and style to fit your needs. Get yours today.
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Food Scoops - 10ct
Candy Buffet Kit - Clear
Candy Buffet Kit - White
Candy Buffet Kit - Black
Candy Buffet Kit - Red
8 oz Plastic Scoop
16 oz Plastic Scoop
32 oz Clear Scoop
32 oz White Scoop
64 oz Big Dog White Scoop
6 Inch Clear Tongs
Retro Coffee Scoop