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Radius Bins Package - 24ct

Part Number:91104-85-105 Price: $4,860.00
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A Radius Bins Package is a complete set of clear acrylic bins both small and large along with the scoop and tethers. With twelve small top bins and twelve large bottom bins all made of clear acrylic you will be able to create an eye-catching candy display fit for a king. The small containers measure 8.5-inches wide by 10-inches high while the large clear containers measure 10.5-inches wide with a depth of 13-inches. The candy bins are shaped like a wedge with the wider portion on the outer side and the narrow are goes towards the center of the table display. With the wedge creation of these radius bins you can make a wonderful circular showcase of items and make the most of your display area. Made of a strong clear acrylic, you will have peace of mind, even when your younger customers are making their selections. Perfect on a tiered round table, (not included) that customers can easily walk around and get a full view of all the available items that you have to show off. With 24 bins this bin package allows you to display an abundance of items from colorful candy, nuts, hardware items, small toys and other small novelty items and gives you the perfect place for those impulse items and increase sales. Order your radius bin package today at All Candy Containers.

Please Allow 1 - 3 Weeks Lead Time - No Rush Orders

  • Complete set of 24 radius bins 
    • 12 Small (Top) bins
    • 12 Large (Bottom) bins
  • Top (Small) Bins: 8.5 W x 10 H x 12 D
  • Bottom (Large) Bins: 10.5 W x 13 D x 9 H
  • Scoops and Tethers included
  • Constructed of Strong Clear Acrylic Materials
  • Wedge Design
  • Strong Acrylic Material
  • Ideal for Circular Displays
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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