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Paint Can Containers

Paint cans aren't only for paint anymore. Paint can containers are a largely diverse product with boundless uses. Fill the variety of sized plastic paint cans with candy as a fun way to sell prepackaged candy in your store to add a little flair to your merchandise. Paint cans with lids and handles give you more than a few options to make a fun and creative party favor. Candy buffets are a hugely popular way to celebrate at weddings and other parties now. There is a large range of containers that can be used for these buffets. Whether you are looking for a pint, quart, gallon or other such sizes, we have cans sure to fit your needs. Fill the paint canisters with items that match the theme of the day. From small plastic paint cans to large, party favor containers can make a unique centerpiece or individual party favors for your guests.

Decorate your store, office or home with round plastic containers filled with ornaments, glass rocks, potpourri and so many other items. You can create limitless DIY decorations with the plastic cans. Offer these paint can containers to your customers prefilled or empty for their own uses, either way, they are going to keep coming back for more and you will continue to come up with profitable ideas for these great party favor containers.

Conversion Chart:
8 Ounces     = 1 Cup
16 Ounces   = 1 Pint
32 Ounces   = 1 Quart
128 Ounces = 1  Gallon

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