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One Peck Baskets - Brown Bands - 12ct
One Peck Baskets - Brown Bands - 12ct

One Peck Baskets - Brown Bands - 12ct

Part Number:93003-442 Price: $69.12
One Peck Baskets with Brown Bands are an ideal way to display various types of products and keep them organized. A one peck sized basket holds up to eight dry quarts in capacity or approximately 32 medium sized apples. The wooden bins with a natural appeal measure 10.5-inches deep and 7.5-inches tall and come with a handy metal handle to make toting easier when going from the trees to the produce stand. The added brown bands create more eye-catching glimpses that you will receive more of when retail materials are stored inside. If you are looking to add a floor display, these are great for sporting equipment like softballs, golf balls, knee pads, and so much more. Basket displays can be used in retail or the local farmers market for fruits and veggies. These display baskets also make amazing gift baskets, fill with fruits and candies and add a bow for a personal touch. Add a little country charm with a little bit of color to your retail establishments. If autumn is your favorite season, decorate with baskets in your store. Other sizes of these wooden display baskets are available, continue shopping for more after you purchase your natural baskets today!

Rustic - Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted



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