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Multi-Cone 3SW Dispenser

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The Multi-Cone 3SW Dispenser is stylish and functional and ready to increase your profits. When used in your candy store or ice cream shop, customers will be talking all over town. Interchangeable portion control wheels allow you to cut down on waste and save money all at once. The overall dimensions for our multi-cone dispenser is 17.8-inches long by 7-inches wide with a height measuring over 17-inches. The three clear canisters offer a capacity of 0.65 gallons which is equivalent to just over ten cups of product. You receive each of the following portion control devices; a one ounce, one tablespoon and one teaspoon amount portion server. Offer three different products with one complete fixture. Showcase various types of candies, dessert toppings, small snacks such as trail mix, and much more in this stainless steel and clear dispenser. These candy dispensers reduce waste and stores dry goods safely plus saves you money in the long run. When you mount these containers on the wall you open up more floor space for seating. Customers are sure to gravitate to your business time and time again to get more of your delicious delights. To purchase your multi-cone dispenser fixture, simply click add to cart at All Candy Containers.

  • Overall Dimensions: 17.8"L x 7"W x 15.25"H
  • 1 Stainless Steel Wall Adapter
  • 3 Dispensers
  • Capacity: 0.65 Gallons Each
  • Patented Silicone Ball For Portion Control
  • Each Unit Includes: 1 Ounce, 1 Tablespoon, & 1 Teaspoon Portion Control Wheels
  • Offer 3 Product Possibilities in One Fixture
  • Perfect for Restaurant Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Saves Precious Display Space