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Mini Stackable Bin - 13 1/2"
Mini Stackable Bin - 13 1/2'

Mini Stackable Bin - 13 1/2"

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These delightful Mini Stackable Bins are great for making candy sales rise and adding toppings to your favorite dessert easier with a little flair on style. Children will smile when they see their favorite colors and candies piled high in these clear treat containers. Our large sized mini bin measures 5-inches high and wide with a depth consisting of 13.5-inches and can hold up to 6.5 pounds of candy depending on the density. Although constructed of clear acrylic materials, these containers are a safer way to display candy than compared to glass candy containers. We haven't tried yet, but you may just be able to touch the sky from using stackable mini bins. These stacking containers make clever use of small spaces that may not have been able to be used before. Send yourself and your business soaring with a purchase of these mini stacking bins today while saving yourself time and money shopping online.

Please Allow 3 - 6 Weeks Lead Time 
This is a Custom Product and Non-returnable
    • 1 Count Bin
    • Overall Dimensions: 5"W x 5"H x 13.5"D
    • Constructed Of Durable Acrylic Materials
    • Holds Approximately 6 To 6.5 Pounds Depending On The Density
    • Works Well For Small Candy, Dessert Toppings and More
    • Ideal For Small Spaces
    • Create Eye-Catching Displays
    • Send Your Sales Soaring Through The Roof

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