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Medium Steel Pails w/Handles - 12ct

Medium Steel Pails w/Handles - 12ct

Part Number:92601-656506P Price: $43.71
  • Offers Durability & Beauty
  • Use At The Checkout For Impulse Materials
  • Watch Your Profits Soar Through The Roof
The Medium Steel Pails w/Handles possess two important qualities; durability and beauty. That is exactly what they will bring to your displays when used for showcasing candy, snack treats, sewing accessories and so much more. Each metal canister is constructed of 100% steel with 0.24mm thickness. Advertise small floral arrangements in these steel buckets and your profits are sure to soar through the roof. Place a pail or two on your checkout counter with candy bars inside and potentially increase impulse buying. Whatever product you display with these adorable buckets is only going to benefit you and your business. Watch closely what you add to these metal pails, some materials may cause them to rust because there is no inner lining inside. Add a little country appeal to your exhibits. Place and order for your organizing metal bins today!

  • 12 Count
  • Overall Dimensions:
    • Bottom Diameter: 3 3/8" (Outside)
    • Top Diameter: 4 1/2" (Outside)
    • Depth: 4 1/2"
  • 0.24 mm Shiny Metal Thickness
  • 100% Steel Material
  • Includes Metal Handle
  • Does Not Include Plastic Lining
  • Please Note: **Caustic Substances May Cause Rust** & Candy Not Included

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