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Logo 1 Gallon Drum Style Fish Bowls - 125ct

Logo 1 Gallon Drum Style Fish Bowls - 125ct

Part Number:91901-10036-SSL Price: $884.93
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  • 125 Count
  • Great For Advertising Your Group or Business
Screen Printed Plastic Fishbowls are an exciting way to display products OR serve up the always-in-demand fishbowl cocktails. 1-gallon fishbowls are the most popular size around due to their versatility. These plastic fish bowls will fit that display space you have been meaning to fill with a magnetic container display. Fill them up with wrapped candy, novelties, and more. Advertise while you sell in these containers that can be as unique as you are! Order your silk screen fishbowls today!

 ***Note - Set-up fee of $95 Applies***

  • HOLDS 192 OZ. (1.5 Gallon) when filled completely
  • 8.25"W x 8.75"H x 5"D
  • Plastic Construction
***Discounts not available on Silkscreen Fishbowls.***


Whether a store sells only cheap bulk candy or simply has a bulk candy display as part of their inventory, they need the right candy container to draw attention to it. There are many different candy jars to choose from, but round fish bowls offer a unique brand of individuality. They are a great way for a company to constantly keep their name and image in the minds and on the tongues of their customers. 

When a shop owner wants to make an impact with their bulk candy display, they should know that having the right size will catch anyone's eye. Round fish bowls come in a variety of exciting sizes that will make it impossible for anyone to walk into the store without noticing them.

The best way to keep a customer coming back to a store is by making sure they never forget the name of the place that gave them such excellent service. Round fish bowls can be screened with any company logo on the side so that it is never far from the customers mind. This is also a great tool to have when going to any kind of trade show or promotional event. 

If someone owns a convenient store, for example, and sells more than just cheap bulk candy, they will find that they can use round fish bowls for a variety of other products. They are great for any small item that may be kept next to the cash register. This makes it easy to increase sales by having high impulse items readily available for customers as they check out.
There are many different things that a shop owner could use these candy jars for, so it is a good idea to have quite a few of them handy at any time. When ordering them, it is a good idea to buy in bulk in order to save money. These handy containers actually cost less than three dollars each when someone orders thirty-six of them, and the savings only increase from there.

The key to success in the bulk candy wholesale business is having a display that customers simply cannot ignore. With round fish bowls, shop owners can create a display that nobody will be able to tear their eyes away. They can include their shops name to make sure they keep coming back for more.

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