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Large Square Tub

Large Square Tub

Part Number:91208-6231252 Price: $53.55
  • Great Gift Ideas
  • Country Appeal
  • Home Decor Accent
Large Square Tub is great for displaying fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets or buffet lines. Perfectly square your displays, mix one or more of the same tubs. Ever thought about creating a gift basket with these tubs? It's perfect for newlyweds, college students, or the man in your life that has everything. Buy yours today. Try our
Round 11 Gallon Steel Tub too.

11 1/8"
   Top Diameter
    20 1/2"
    Bottom Width
     16 1/2"
     Bottom Length
  • Hot dip galvanized steel creates spangled metal finish
  • Quality made in the USA.
  • Sturdy design features:
    • wire reinforced top rim
    • offset ridged bottom for minimal wear to the tub under-body
    • side body swedges (indention's) for added strength
    • watertight for wet storage

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