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Hobibox Printable Labels
Hobibox Printable Labels

Hobibox Printable Labels

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Hobibox Printable Labels can be used with Inkjet or Laser printers. The sheets measure 3-inches by 0.67-inches. There are 25 sheets with 33 labels per sheet. That gives you approximately 825 printable labels to add to your durable plastic colored containers. Its really simple to use just print, separate and insert onto your accessory bins. Coordinate and organize and add important information by using these labels. Name your products, add pricing and other vital details about your resell-able materials. Labels like these for your storage containers are a simple and inexpensive way to creating personalized cubbyholes for elementary school students, store art supplies and so much more. Purchasing your inkjet labels for hobiboxes is easy, simply click add to cart then proceed to checkout to purchase yours today!

  • Ideal For Personal Storage Containers
  • Organize With Labels
  • 25 Perforated Sheets
  • Labels Measure 3" x 0.67"
  • 25 Sheets With 33 Labels Per Sheet = 825 Labels
  • Just Print, Separate And Insert Into Your Hobibox
  • Works Well With Any Inkjet or Laser Printer