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Gravity Bin With Double Lid

Part Number:92607-78812144 Price: $190.80
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 99
Acrylic bins are deep and wide with the capability to hold plenty of your customer s favorite products. Fill this Gravity Bin with Double Lid full of colorful edibles and watch as browsers gravitate to this exquisite candy bin. Our retail display container features double lids, a tag and scoop holder along with the scoop and tether, a false front appearance and full view of the delicious materials inside. First impressions are everything, that is why the false front will always make your container appeal not only full but will attract more attention. Those same browsers will quickly turn into buyers when they peer through gravity bins with double lids to see merchandise without distortion. The double lids are hinged to help keep your product easily accessible and sanitary. The top lid is for refilling with little to no messes and the bottom lid is for easy vending. Shoppers can purchase as much or as little of your tasty morsels. Keep your customers coming back when they get a look at the wide variety you can give them when you use rows of acrylic gravity bins. Only one click away, we can get you started today by ordering with us here at All Candy Containers.
  • Overall Dimensions: 7 1/2"W x 12"D x 14"H
  • Tag Holder
  • Angled Scoop Holder
  • False Front Makes Bin Appear Full At All Times
  • Double Lid: Front Lid for Selling/Top Lid For Refilling
  • Scoop And Tether Included
  • American Made
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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