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Old Fashioned Glass Candy Jars
Old fashioned glass jars bring charm to Middlebury Sweets!
Photos by B. Jenne - Owner Middlebury Sweets, Middlebury, VT.
An array of choices abound with this collection of glass candy containers. These wholesale glass jars include the traditional penny candy jars found in old time candy stores. Glass canisters allow you to make a statement in your retail business. Whether you are looking for the classic round glass jar or you you want a more unique look we can help get you started.

Glass candy jars wholesale really open up the choices you have when it comes to showcasing your candy. Options abound when you choose from glass jars with lids to hurricane style jars that will set your candy display apart from the others. A variety of styles and sizes are available to make a display with a wow factor, that will grab the consumers attention. Glass containers can be put into a dishwasher making for easy cleaning.
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