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Flattened Globes

Plastic Container For Patton High Fund Raiser
19 oz Flattened Globes Filled With Gummi Bears
Flattened Globes are a fun addition to any candy store or make an excellent parting gift for receptions and parties. Use these plastic bins to create an exciting way to show off candy in your candy store. Sell these candy jars and let kids fill them up with your delicious selections. Create a return customer base by allowing them to return their globes to be filled again and again at a discounted price. 

Special occasions just became even more special with these candy containers. Fill these Small Flattened Globes with confections that match the colors of your day. Place namecards on these candy bins as a whimsically elegant way to tell your guests where to sit. Not only will they add that touch of color to your tables, guests will know that you took the extra time to make their memento even sweeter.  

Fill these plastic candy jars up and create some excitement!   
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