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Ez-Pro Triple Deluxe Dispenser

Ez-Pro Triple Deluxe Dispenser

Part Number:92802-51377 Price: $806.63
Retail Price:$1,199.00 Savings:$392.37(33%)
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  • Smudge Proof Sides
  • Table-Top Dispensing
  • Advanced Portion Control
The Ez-Pro Triple Deluxe Dispenser is the definition of beauty! Clean, sleek lines and a crystal clear view dominate this countertop candy container, creating an appetizing display. Triple your sales by displaying 3 items in 1 area. This not only makes selection easier for your customers, but makes maintenance faster than ever. Adding a stainless steel dispenser with advance portion control is ideal for any candy store or ice cream shop. The stylish design blends with any decor while keeping the dispensing area hygienic and organized. Order today!

  • Dimensions: 19" L x 9.5" W x 16 H
  • Capacity: Approx. 1 Gallon Each
  • 3 Ergonomically Designed ABS Container
  • 3 Paddle Wheels, dispense 1 Tbs. portions
  • Clicking Mechanism Pre- Installed
  • Concentrated Nozzles w/ 1 Opening
  • 3 Removable Label Holder 
Spare Parts Included:
  • -(3) 6-wing paddle wheel, dispenses 1 oz. portions
  • -(3) Regular Dispenser Nozzle w/ 2.5 Opening

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