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Ez-Pro 4 Topping Dispenser
Ez-Pro 4 Topping Dispenser

Ez-Pro 4 Topping Dispenser

Part Number:92802-2753 Price: $895.50
Retail Price:$995.00
For Large Quantities - Please Call 1-866-242-7585
The Ez-Pro 4 Topping Countertop Dispenser is a great investment for restaurant and shop owners. This four container carousel is perfect for dispensing such materials as candy and cereal, as well as ice cream and yogurt toppings. This dispenser should be your newest addition to the breakfast or ice cream bar. The clear containers spin and sit upon a metal frame will host up to one gallon each. The one gallon capacity is equivalent to 16 cups giving you 64 cups worth of product to sell in your store. Each of the four bins will dispense approximately one ounce of product by turning the paddle wheel. The stainless steel lids, catch tray, and frame make this dispenser stand out like none before it. Save on space at your breakfast buffet or candy shop, our retail fixture is compact, easy to use and cost effective. Your customer will be giddy with excitement waiting to select their favorite cereal or salad bar topping. Modern and stylish all in one set-up, this countertop dispenser is the way to go! Order your four topping candy dispenser today and save.
  • 1 Count Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 14" L x 13" W x 19.75" H 
  • Stainless Steel Lids, Catch Tray & Frame
  • 4 ABS Containers
  • Dispenses Approximately 1 Ounce Per Serving
  • 6 Wing Paddle Wheel In Each Container
  • 4 Removable Label Holders
  • 3.5 Clearance
  • Capacity: Approximately 1 Gallon Per Container
  • Great Investment
  • American Made Stainless Steel Catch Tray, Lids and Frame

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