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EZ-SERV 6-Container Carousel Dispenser - 1.3 Gallon

Part Number:92802-563 Price: $1,202.85
Retail Price:$1,336.50
2 - 3
The 6-Container Carousel Table-Top Dispenser is a splendid way to fit a lot of great products on a small amount of counter space without looking crowded. Only 21 inches across but holding up to 100 pounds of dessert toppings, dried nuts, coffee beans and so forth, you get a stylish bang for your buck. The distance between the funnel and the catch tray is 4.5-inches giving you plenty of space to hold your soft-serve ice cream under the dispenser to get some sprinkles. You get six storage dispensing bins, each vertical shaped container holds up to 1.3 gallons of product that equals out to about 20 cups per container. The removable label holder on the front allows you to easily inform your shoppers the contents and other vital information such as pricing and sales or expiration dates whether it's assorted cereals, bulk candy or dessert toppings. You are sure to love this six vessel table top carousel as it cleanly delivers product and is easy to keep clean. Ordering your spinning carousel candy dispenser is super easy, just click to add to your online shopping car to place an order today.

  • 1 Count Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 20.9" x 20.9" x 27.5" H 
  • Includes Six Containers
  • Containers 1.3 Gallons Each
  • 1.3 Gallons Is Equal To Approximately 20 Cups
  • Durable Containers With Carousel Metal Stand
  • Easily Assemble and Disassemble For Easy Cleaning
  • Removable Label Holder
  • Made in USA
  • Holds About 100 Pounds of Toppings
  • 21" Across For Small Counter Space
  • Removable Catch Tray
  • Distance between funnel to tray 4.5"H 
    • Average ice cream cup fits

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