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Double Tube Double Bin

Double Tube Double Bin

Part Number:91104-912 Price: $124.15
Retail Price:$236.49 Savings:$112.34(48%)
2 - 9
  • Makes A Real Statement
  • Notched Lid For Spoon/Scoop
  • Fully Functioning Tubes Highlight Product
A fully functioning Double Tube Double Bin allows you to serve 'Twice the product with twice the fun! To save space, use the acrylic candy container on shelves, counters and tables to offer up to 12 pounds of sweet treats. Each compartment on this double bin holds six pounds of product. The tubes highlight products and are removable, making cleaning simple. With a notched lid, self serving has never been easier. Because of the one of a kind design of this  candy bin it  is a great addition to candy stores, yogurt shops and retail stores that want to increase profits! Get yours today!

  • Dimensions: 8.75"W x 8"D x 12"H
  • Each bin is 4.25"W
  • Each side holds up to 6 pounds of candy
  • Tube is removable for cleaning.  
  • Has notch in lid for spoon/scoop - sold separately

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