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Double Stack Bin Set

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The Double Stack Bin Set would make a great addition to any candy or toppings display. Highlight colorful candies, frozen dessert toppings, various snacks, and other dried edible treats in these crystal-clear bins. Stackable bins help you save precious counter space by going vertical with your display. Maximize your counter display areas with the right exhibiting containers. That's why you should add this retail fixture to your store. Included with this set are two interlocking, stackable acrylic bins with 4-ounce metal scoops and tethers. The four-ounces is equal to approximately eight tablespoons of products. Both candy containers can hold up to seven pounds, that's 14 pounds you can advertise to your shoppers. Each bin measures six-inches wide and high with a depth of 10-inches. Customers will be lured in for a closer peek at all of your delicious treats. This set of stacking bins is a safer alternative to glass containers protecting patrons of all ages. With this many benefits, you simply can t pass this deal up. Purchase your 2 set of interlockable stacking bins today.

Please Allow 1 - 3 Weeks Lead Time - No Rush Orders

  • 1 Count Set Of 2 Bins
  • Bin Size: 6"W x 6"H x 10"D  
  • Hold 5-7 Pounds of Candy
  • Scoop And Tether
  • Vertical Use To Maximize Your Counter Space
  • Set of 2 Interlocking Bins
  • Scoop Storage Built In 
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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