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For a limited time we are offering you Free Shipping on the plastic containers shown below. Plastic tubs are a wonderful way to display your merchandise. Hand grip plastic jars allow you to have easy grip on them for filling, moving or carrying. When customers lift them from the shelf to remove items from within there is no slip so they can easily shop.

Plastic jars with flair tops are great for displaying small toys, nails, screws, office supplies and so much more. We have those available to you in a few size choices to fit your every need. Divided bins are a wonder for anyone who likes organization and everything in its place. Use in your office to sort paper clips, tacks or other items. Jewelry, smaller trinkets and other such things are also shown in their best light in bins with dividers. There are a large number of bins on this page so shop all your heart desires on the qualifying merchandise and remember, the shipping is on us!

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