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Clear Round Plastic Containers- 6x7 - 24ct

Clear Round Plastic Containers- 6x7 - 24ct

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  • 24 Containers Per Case
  • Perfect Showcase
  • Cylinder Shaped
Clear containers are a staple in retail. Use these 6x7 Clear Round Plastic Containers to set up amazing displays in your store. Mouths will water as customers see your best selection of bulk candy, nuts, grains, snacks, and more. Hardware and craft stores will love these containers with lids for sorting and storing small items. Stack these round containers to create an abundance of easy to grab merchandise. These are also available in a 4x4 size if your needs are smaller. Order today!

  • 6"inside diameter x 7" depth
  • Slip over lids
  • Ship with lids attached
Note: To ensure the strength and rigidity of the Containers, the material at the top is folded over to form a Lip, the stated Inner Diameter is slightly smaller at this point.

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