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Clear Plastic Scoops - 3oz - 12ct
Clear Plastic Scoops - 3oz - 12ct

Clear Plastic Scoops - 3oz - 12ct

Part Number:91000-16130001 Price: $34.65
Discover a whole new world of candy consumption with our Clear Plastic Scoops. Each scoop is designed to hold 3 ounces and make shopping for candy or any other bulk goods as easy as pie, Each case holds 12 so you can place them out in your store for clean shopping. Clear scoops are great for candy buffets at weddings and other events as they help dish out treats while blending in with any color scheme. There is a simplicity to some of the tools that we need every day but don't really think about. Scoops definitely fall into that category, any store that sells merchandise in bulk is in need of these wholesale candy supplies. Customers can't purchase an ounce without the clear tool to distribute product from bin to bag. Make sure to keep lots of scoops on hand for sanitary shopping. Feed stores which offer up dry bulk animal food, grains and feed items for your farming and animal need also require these utensils for weighing and measuring out just the right amount of feed to purchase. Ordering is easy, just click to add to your cart at All Candy Containers.


  • 3 Ounce Scoops
  • 6.25" Overall Length
  • 2" Wide x 1.5" High
  • 12 Count
  • Great for Candy Bowls and Dishes
  • Can Be Used Time and Time Again

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