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Clear Deluxe Square Tray - 4ct

Part Number:91107-556204 Price: $92.43
The Clear Deluxe Square Trays are a great display accessory to have. These clear containers add style, are durable, stackable and can be used on display tables, counter tops, shelves and more. Constructed of crystal-clear styrene plastic materials with a thickness of 5/16th of an inch, our square trays are highly dependable for every day uses. The inside dimensions are approximately 5.25-inches wide by just under two-inches high giving you plenty of room to advertise your retail materials. These square shaped containers are ideal for organizing small loose materials such as coin change, candy, jewelry pieces plus much more. Our clear accessory trays can also be used as table risers. Simply place container on your dining table or candy buffet line and add the desired dish. Get four of these deluxe trays today by ordering yours now!

  • 4 Count Trays
  • Outside Dimensions: 5.875" W x 5.875" D x 2" H
  • Inside Dimensions: 5.25" W x 5.25" D x 1.625" H
  • Constructed Of Clear Styrene Materials
  • 5/16" Thickness Of Crystal Styrene
  • Use In A Variety Of Ways, On Counters, Display Shelving & Tables Plus More

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