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Clear Acrylic Gravity Bin - No Scoop Holder

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Clear Acrylic Gravity Bins will stand out and attract attention especially when filled with brightly colored candy. Fill with items such as yummy jelly beans, gummy bears, runts or skittles and watch customers gravitate towards these containers. Our gravity bin features a clear view of the materials inside, two hinged lids and keeps your product flowing downward for the first in, first out method of dispersing edible materials making your sweet treats fresher. The top lid makes it easy to refill your storage bin with little to no messes while the second lid is for vending making it easy for shoppers to buy as much or as little of your materials. Our retail display bin measures 6-inches wide by 16-inches tall with a depth of approximately 12-inches and will hold up to 15 pounds of candy. Acrylic containers aren't just for candy though. They work well for any number of dry products from ice cream toppings to coffee beans or even small hardware items such as nuts and bolts. Uses for gravity bins are endless. Whether you have a counter display or a wall display these containers will let you make the most of the space you have. Order today at All candy Containers.

*Candy Not Included
  • 1 Count Container
  • Overall Dimensions: 6"W x 12"D x 16"H
  • Constructed Of Durable Acrylic Materials
  • Holds Approximately 15 Pounds Of Candy
  • No Scoop Holder
  • Two Hinged Lids, One For Vending and One For Refilling
  • Works Perfectly On Counters, Shelves and Other Flat Surfaces
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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