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Clear Acrylic Candy Bin w/Vertical Scoop Holder
Clear Acrylic Candy Bin w/Vertical Scoop Holder

Clear Acrylic Candy Bin w/Vertical Scoop Holder

Part Number:92607-1212 Price: $252.00
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This Clear Acrylic Candy Bin with a Vertical Scoop Holder is an asset to your location so that you can clearly exhibit all your bulk candies and goods. Create a set up on the flat surfaces in your shop including shelves, countertops, and table tops using one or more of this candy dispenser. Made of clear acrylic material the twelve inch square bin offers you the ability to place each bin flush against the next as well as having a perfect fit on the surface that it sits on. There is an angled scoop holder built in to keep the merchandise free of customers hands and remain fresh as well as make it a breeze for just the right amount of product distribution. 

Gumballs, jawbreakers, and runts are just a very small sampling of the candies that this acrylic scoop bin will shine with. Invest in several of these clear acrylic bins to increase your product visibility of products as well as improving your profits. This wholesale clear bin isn't limited to just candy, you can load the bin with nuts, seeds, grains, coffee beans, and other bulk merchandise can be sold in your location. Order your bin today!

  • Overall Dimensions: 12”W X 12”H X 12”D
  • Constructed Of Clear Acrylic Material
  • Holds Approximately 30 Pounds Of Candy
  • Tag Holder Included
  • Includes Scoop- No tether
  • Built In Angled Scoop Holder
  • Super Sturdy Acrylic Containers
  • Easy To Clean and Maintain
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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