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Bushel Bean Hamper -  Color Choices - 12ct
Pictured In Natural / Unfinished

Bushel Bean Hamper - Color Choices - 12ct

Part Number:93003-185 Price: $125.93
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Are you looking to add a little rustic appeal mixed with some country charm to your displays? Then take a look at these Bushel Bean Hampers with various color choices. Just a little less than 2 feet tall and featuring air gaps throughout your wooden basket is a great way to show off various fruits and vegetables, plush toys and kid trinkets, pet toys and treats plus other snack items in businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants and cafes or in a retail facility filled with garment accessories. Lots of color will peek through the sides and capture the curiosity customers parading through your store. Match your existing decor by adding a stain or color to your bean hamper. Although natural is the default option, you can choose from a wide variety of hues. Each wooden basket measures 16-inches deep with a height of about 20-inches giving you plenty of room to use our retail container to store a wide range of materials. Add this vegetable basket to your store and you will be sure to come back for more. Order today at All Candy Containers. 

Rustic - Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted

  • 12 Count Baskets
  • Overall Dimensions: 16" D x 20" H
  • Constructed Of Natural and Unfinished  Materials
  • Painted Color Options Available
  • Distinct Basket Display With Rustic Appeal
  • Show Off Your Merchandise With A Country Flair

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