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Boat Candy Box - 48ct

Part Number:93301-60151-48 Price: $152.85
A Boat Candy Box is a one of a kind way to showcase candy in your home or shop. Each box holds up to five ounces of candy or other treats inside so you can get creative with your gift giving. For anyone who might be planning a wedding or other large event with themes connected to nautical, this is one outstanding favor container! Another outstanding use for this shaped candy jar is for anyone celebrating a birthday who loves their boat, sailing and the like this gift container filled with colorful bulk candy is just the ticket. Sell this bulk plastic container as an empty item to allow customers to customize themselves as well as creating your own prefilled favor boxes that you made with a variety of themes. Customers will love the choice of designing their own versus buying an already created gift. Candy containers are an important part of so many events and when you add the personalized touch of a favorite part of their lives, such as boats, you really take it up a notch. Order yours today!

  • 48 Count
  • 3 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 3"
  • Holds 5 ounces
  • Fun Design
  • Launching Parties Near You
  • NOTE: Candy Not Included

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