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Old Fashioned Candy Jars
Old fashioned glass jars bring charm to Middlebury Sweets!
Photos by B. Jenne - Owner Middlebury Sweets, Middlebury, VT.

An offering of our best selling products. Clear plastic containers and glass candy jars are perfect for any retail outlet or restaurant.When you display your unwrapped edibles or novelty items in clear containers your customers can easily view the merchandise. Acrylic bins are also available in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to make the most of the space you have. Candy containers wholesale are truly an asset to any location offering bulk candy in lots of colors, flavors and more. When space is at a minimum use acrylic divider bins to make slatwall display.

Plastic containers and acrylic candy bins are the safest choice, because breakage won't be a problem. These plastic containers can be used to display everything from candy to cosmetics. But if you want your candy store to have that nostalgic look and feel glass candy jars are for you. Fill those candy jars with all the candies from the past and watch the look of wonder on you customer's faces whether young or old.
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