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Bakery Case w/Bamboo Base - 6 Drawer
Bakery Case w/Bamboo Base - 6 Drawer

Bakery Case w/Bamboo Base - 6 Drawer

Part Number:92802-BD114 Price: $1,281.60
Retail Price:$1,424.00
Bakery Case w/Bamboo Base - 6 Drawer display offers you a chance to display six various types of baked goods, ideal for hotel continental breakfast time or snack for board meetings at work. Keeping each separate, fresh, and completely visible to your patrons, this bakery case can add vertical height to your counters. The drawers are made of clear acrylic materials while the base is solid bamboo materials. This countertop display attracts attention, so display your best sellers. Perfect for breads, pastries, bagels, cookies, fruits & more. Also works well in ice cream and yogurt shops for toppings or display bulk candy in your store or specialty shop. If you deal with a lot of arts and crafts such as making jewelry, our display fixture is ideal for hosting bead, the string and the other equipment to make your own works of art. Add a little style to your cafe, store, or retail shop. Our enclosed case is great for hosting various flavors of tea bags and additional flavors for your beverages. Order your Bakery Case with drawers today at All Candy Containers.

  • 1 Count Display Case
  • Overall Dimensions: 21" x 13.75" x 15.2"
  • Multiple drawers allow you store bagels, pastries, cupcakes and snacks
  • Clear acrylic drawers
  • Adds vertical height to any counter top display
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy Access

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