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Acrylic Tray With 6 Display Cups - 2ct
Acrylic Tray With 6 Display Cups - 2ct

Acrylic Tray With 6 Display Cups - 2ct

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You can display those beauty products easily using the Acrylic Tray with 6 Display Cups. Use the acrylic containers for vertically shaped display products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and other small beauty supplies along with pens and pencils, key-chains and so much more. This will allow you to keep those small items in their place. Great for organizing too, this retail fixture is ideal when used on your desk at the office or home for paperclips, staples, push pins and other items as well. If you want to do something different with this store display, hang it on an existing slat wall or pegboard fixture and advertise more impulse materials and keep your counters clutter free. Customers will like the easy access to merchandise. Great for your office space as well. Just fill with pens, paper clips and all the other accessories you need. What are you waiting for? Order your clear six-cup display tray today!
  • 2 Count Acrylic Trays
  • Overall Dimensions: 13.75" W x 2.625" H x 2.75" D
  • Six Cups: Each Measures 2.25" Diameter x 2.5" H
  • Clear Acrylic Material
  • Includes: 2 Attached Plastic Hooks
  • Super Sturdy Acrylic Containers And Trays
  • Provides Easy Access To Pencils, Pens, Eyeliners And Assorted Brushes Plus More
  • Fabulous For Cosmetics
  • Offers A Variety Of Display Variations

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