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Acrylic Tray For Slatwall

Part Number:92913-4866S Price: $25.09
The White LED Ribbon Light is a must have for highlighted products and events. At 16 foot long with strong adhesive backing, adding this accent light to your display is easier than ever. Line your jewelry display case to add a subtle glow to your dazzling pieces. Diamonds will sparkle and shine better than ever with a touch of LED light. Placing this ribbon light in your window display will tempt customers inside. Make your wedding reception even more stunning by using this white light to add a romantic touch especially for events later in the day. Light up your tables and buffet areas with accent lights. Your family and friends will be amazed by the sheer beauty of your special day. Place your order today at All Candy Containers.

  • LED Lights generate very little heat and are safe to leave on continuously
  • 300 lights per 16 feet
  • Include a strong adhesive backing which installs easily
  • Plugs into AC outlets with included power plug
  • 16 ft. Long
  • Use For Displays & Events
  • 300 Lights Per Ribbon Light

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