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Acrylic Step Bin
Acrylic Step Bin

Acrylic Step Bin

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Let the attractive and easy to use Acrylic Step Bin promote your sales for you. The clear acrylic materials this bin is constructed from will allow your product to be viewed from any angle. The dimensions for this retail fixture is 7 3/4-inches wide by 9 1/4-inches high with two different depth measurements. From the base, the depth is measuring 12 1/2-inches but from the center the depth is slightly higher at 13 1/2-inches. Just to give you a ballpark estimate, this sturdy bin will hold up to approximately 12 pounds of gumballs. Our display fixture includes the scoop so customers can help themselves and get the amount they desire. Display in a step-style container for an even more impressive impact. Fill each bin with brightly colored candies, dry goods such as grains, beans and oats for a stunning bulk exhibit. These bins will sale your candies or other products for you. Purchase our wholesale acrylic step bin today at All Candy Containers.

  • 1 Count Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 7 3/4" Wide x 9 1/4" High
    • 12 1/2" Depth At Base
    • 13 1/2" Depth At Center
  • Weight Empty: 4 Pounds
  • Weight Full: 16 Pounds
  • Holds Up To 12 Pounds Of Gumballs
  • Constructed Of Clear Acrylic Materials
  • Includes Scoop and Lid
  • Impressive Display
  • Sells Your Product For You

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