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Acrylic Slatwall Cube - 4 Inch
Acrylic Slatwall Cube - 4 Inch

Acrylic Slatwall Cube - 4 Inch

Part Number:92913-4421 Price: $10.97
Placing our 4 Inch Acrylic Slatwall Cube on your slat wall display and pairing with acrylic shelves and trays is a great way to have a new and creative exhibit. Constructed of dependable and stylish acrylic materials, our storage bin is ideal for advertising yummy lollipops, bulk wrapped candies, novelty materials and so much more such as cosmetics and hardware. These square shaped acrylic cubes are available in three sizes; 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch so you can advertise only one product at a time or a bunch of materials in a staggered formation or all in a row. Although these display containers are created specifically for slat walls and pegboards, you can add to an existing fixture or have them as free-standing bins at your checkout lines and keep your existing materials organized. If you are ready to increase impulse buying or organize your fixtures, don't pass up on this deal. Make sure to order your cube shaped display bin while shopping online today with us at All Candy Containers. 

  • Easy To View Materials In Clear Bins
  • Add To Fixtures Or Use On Counters
  • 1 Count Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 4"W x 4"H x 4"D
  • Constructed Of Clear Acrylic Materials
  • Square Shaped Bins
  • Acrylic Is Approximately 0.115" Thick 
  • Available In 3 Sizes
  • Display Products In Their Best Light  
  • Ideal for Nearly All Styles of Candy
  • Designed For Slatwall Use

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