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Acrylic Hanging Cube Container - 6 in. - 4ct

Part Number:91107-556109 Price: $75.90
2 - 9
Let acrylic bins do the selling for you. Promote and advertise various types of merchandise in our 6" Acrylic Hanging Cube Containers. These attractive and convenient cube shaped canisters will make your walls talk and the profits stroll right to your bank account. Constructed of clear acrylic materials, these square vessels measure 6-inches wide, deep and high and customers have full view of the merchandise held within. The perfect square don't you think! Hanging display cubes like these is easy with the included plastic u-hook and can be added to your existing slat wall and pegboard fixtures or as a free-standing counter exhibit. You get to choose what works best for you. This acrylic cube will display any type of product such as cosmetics, small toys and trinkets, wrapped candy, pens and pencils and ideal marketing business cards and brochures. Get your versatile exhibits organized today and potentially increase your sales figures. Go ahead and order your four-count acrylic six-inch sized cubes now while online with us at All Candy Containers.

  • Use On Your Existing Slat Wall & Pegboard Fixture or Freestanding On Counters
  • Versatile, Attractive & Convenient Bins
  • 4 Count Containers
  • Overall Dimensions: 6" W x 6" D x 6" H
  • Constructed Of Clear Acrylic Materials
  • Plastic U-Hook Included With Bin
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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