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Acrylic Cylinder Riser - 8"W x 8"H

Part Number:91107-556808 Price: $57.88
1 - 2
3 - 10
Get into the groove of promoting your products. This super sturdy Acrylic Cylinder Riser is a sure way to get into the groove of making profits rise. This acrylic riser measures eight-inches wide by eight-inches high and is a great way to display small retail items such as hair accessories, cosmetics, lollipops, and wrapped candy. With acrylic that is 0.125-inches-thick, this three-in-one display is a great option to have available at your cash register checkouts, service tables, display shelves along with on buffet tables as candy buffet containers and more. This clear square shaped canister works great as a riser, an enclosed case and a storage canister. So play with the set up, be creative and have fun while watching your profits soar. Purchase your merchandise display today at All Candy Containers, organize your work area and savor the profits from here on out. 

  • 1 Count Riser
  • Overall Dimensions: 8" W x 8" H 
  • Made Of Durable Clear Acrylic
  • Acrylic Thickness: 0.125" Thick
  • Practical For Counter Tops, Professional Desk Containers, As A Riser and More
  • Also Available In Other Sizes and Shapes To Add Height Differential
  • Three Versatile Ways To Display 
  • View The Merchandise With Ease
  • Display Candy, Cosmetics, & More

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