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Acrylic Bins For Display

Acrylic bins are a great way to add freshness and excitement to your wholesale candy and store displays. Not only are acrylic candy displays durable, they are also stylish and a safer alternative to the traditional glass bins. Acrylic material containers are scratch resistant, keep the same clear color over time and looks just as good as glass. Now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and uses clear candy containers make it easier than ever to match any theme in your store. Acrylic candy displays are visually outstanding as well as high quality storage spaces for your sweet treats. With options like stackable bins that allow you to emphasize your product while using typically unused vertical space or slatwall bins that make wasted wall space the ideal display area; your profits are going to climb higher and higher with candy bins wholesale.

With so many ways of dispensing candy and displaying products breathing new life into your retail store's display is a cinch! From candies to coffee beans or bolts to screws, your products will stand out above any of your competitors when you use these acrylic containers wholesale. Check out our "Top Sellers'" category which offers acrylic bins for slatwalls, counter tops and more that are popular with our other customers. Many display acrylic bins offer airtight seals like our Straight Top Containers that comes in various sizes that will guarantee your edible products to remain safe from outside elements and fresh for your customers to enjoy. Sell more merchandise in one display acrylic bin by including our divided bins. Choose from two to four compartments and up to 12 compartments with our Multi-Bin System that is perfect for those frozen dessert toppings.

An acrylic candy dispenser is an asset for your business. Each of our wholesale displays meet and satisfy FDA guidelines making them safe for virtually any type of product! Not only do display bins meet safety regulations, but they also allow you to give customers a clear view of your products. Any sized acrylic bin is going to exhibit all your goods in the best possible light. Go ahead and get your buffet candy display ready. When customers can see their favorites, they are more likely to make a purchase which will only generate higher sales for your business!    

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