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6 Inch Clear Tongs
6 Inch Clear Tongs

6 Inch Clear Tongs

Part Number:92904-7001C Price: $5.13
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These 6-Inch Clear Plastic Tongs are great for serving up your customers favorite bulk candy. Candies and items with a stickier finish such as licorice and gummy candies are hard to get with scoops so grab these clear tongs and your problem is solved! These retail tongs are made with a spoon like endings on each arm so that dishing up smaller candies is a breeze. With merchandise that might be a little harder to grasp, these tongs have "teeth" at the end to grab the end of wrappers and the like for easy dispensing. With a longer reach than you can achieve with just your hand, these tongs will allow you to distribute veggies and the like from salad bars, toppings for frozen treats, and snack bar buffets in an easy and sanitary fashion. Clear plastic tongs can be used for a wide range of needs and to help ease serving up a large number of products. Perfect for your kitchen at home as well as retail shops selling candy, yogurt bars for the toppings bins, restaurants, bars and catering services. Made of dishwasher safe plastic so you know that you an keep each salad tong clean and sanitized. Order yours today.

  • 6-Inch Long Plastic Tongs
  • 1 1/4" At Widest Part
  • NSF Listed
  • Clear Break-Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Only Available In Clear
  • Withstands Temps Up To 300 Degrees
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in USA
  • Great For Candy, Salad, & More
  • *Candy Not Included

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