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6" Clear Cylinder Box - 24ct

6" Clear Cylinder Box - 24ct

Part Number:93301-60531-24 Price: $133.52
  • 24 Count
  • Increase Impulse Buys
A 6" Clear Cylinder Box is a treasure chest in waiting for businesses and homes alike. This is a great vessel for holding cosmetic and art pencils alike and that is just for starters. Clear see through sides all around allow customers to easily see each and every item you have for sale inside. Each of these bulk plastic cylinders comes with a lid for secure storage. Make-up brushes, as well as paint brushes, also will stand high in these bins. You may need to set the lid aside if you are holding the really tall brushes in your studio or home but when you are ready to reuse the bins or have shorter items inside the lid is ready and waiting. 

Imagine a large mixture of salt water taffy, delicious and colorful sixlets (with lots of color choices) or even the hot and colorful atomic fireballs inside this six-inch tall container. What an outstanding treat for customers to take home and place where you can share with guests or give as a gift box.  Order yours today!

  • 24 Count
  • 30 Ounces Each
  • 4.25" (Top) x 6" H x 4" (Bottom)
  • High-Quality Plastic Container For Various Candy Packaging
  • NOTE: Candy Not Included

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