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5 Peck Field Basket -  Color Choices - 12ct
Pictured In Natural / Unfinished

5 Peck Field Basket - Color Choices - 12ct

Part Number:93003-100 Price: $114.48
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A 5 Peck Field Basket holds a large amount of your candy products among other delicious materials such as fresh fruits and vegetables! The five-peck sized capacity of these baskets are equivalent to approximately 10 pounds of dry goods. Each wooden container measures 18-inches deep with a height of 14.5-inches giving you ample room to pick your homegrown goodies and take them to the market. Our field baskets are constructed of natural wood materials with a rustic appeal like no other. These peck baskets are a great choice for packaged candies such as pop rocks, tootsie rolls, smarties and push pops too. Set them up in your store and increase impulse buying by highlighting desirable products daily. Can also be used for smaller produce displays. Do you love the idea of this basket but want a smaller option? We have those available also in ½ peck and 1 peck versions. Mix and match sizes to make a unique display that will get people's attention. Hosting a party any time soon? Add our natural unfinished display baskets to your decorations go with a western theme. Our produce containers will add a country charm with rustic appeal. You can store party favors, toys for playing outside for the kids to grab or add your potted plants to spruce up the look and feel of your festivities. Our retail bins are great for storage for home as well. Add blankets, magazines or other items you wish to hide in our wooden store displays. Make sure to peek at all of them and order today! 

Rustic - Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted

  • 12 Count
  • Overall Dimensions: 18"D x 14.5"H
  • 5 Peck Capacity Baskets
  • Constructed Of Natural Wood Materials
  • 5 Peck Is Equal To Approximately 10 Gallons Of Dry Goods
  • Exhibit A Lot Of Product
  • Beautiful Wooden Basket
  • Painted Color Options Available

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