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48 oz Mini Montana Jars /Black Metal Lids - 4ct

48 oz Mini Montana Jars /Black Metal Lids - 4ct

Part Number:91205-075-96710 Price: $47.16
  • Pretty & Versatile
  • Ideal For Gift Containers
  • Allow You To Display A Variety Of Products
The 48 Ounce Mini Montana Jar with Black Metal Cover is pretty and versatile. Glass jars allow you to display all of your merchandise with style. These small round containers can be used for candy, cookies, snack items, novelty items, and much more. The glass jars are durable and come with a black lid to enable a secure fit. Add these stunning jars filled with treasures to your next big occasion. These containers are ideal for gifts and keepsakes. Order your small glass jars today.


  • Dimensions--6 1/8", 6", 5 7/8", 5"
  • 48 Ounces.
  • Black lid provided.
  • 4 jars to a package
  • Variety of uses

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